Who we are

The GPES turned 70 years in 2011!

Founded in June 1941, it is the oldest dive club in the world still in activity. It counted among its members some of the very pioneers in the world of diving: Capitain Cousteau, Georges Beuchat, Albert Falco… Our club is part of the 7 founding clubs of the FFESSM! Jean-Flavien Borelli was both the first president of the GPES and the French federation created in 1948! The club settled at La Ciotat in 1979 thanks to Gaby Bérenger who discovered the first dive sites in the bay.

Since then, other famous members had distinguishing themselves: Pierre Perraud presided over the FFESSM between 1977 and 1980 then over the CMAS, Christian Pétron who was a sub-marine film director (The big blue) blew his first bubbles in 1958…

And the story is not over: the club keeps on welcoming any kind of divers and sea-lovers from all walks of life!

Adresse mail
L'adresse de contact à changé! contact@gpes.fr