The Boats

The club owns 2 boats for a total capacity of 38 divers. The bay of La Ciotat, whose the “green island” is the queen, allows us to shelter from different winds most of the time. It then guarantees the vast majority of dives. Do not forget to taste our traditional hot tea when back on the boats!

test14The 3 Pépés :

  • Person capacity: 30
  • Horse power: 2×225
  • 2 center-spine ladders
  • Packing nets under the roof
  • Packing spaces under the benches
  • Central handrails to hold on



Cap Canaille :

  • Person capacity: 12
  • Horse power: 130

Speed and ideal to bring a small group of divers to the bay diving sites.

(Français) Horaires d'hiver
Fermé le lundi mardi et ouvert du mercredi au dimanche
En semaine 9h-12h et 14h-17h
Weekend 8h15-12h et 13h15-17h
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