La Balise


La balise : gps coordinates WGS 84

North ring/South ring

Diving conditions : badly protected from the north wind called Mistral.Better protection from the East wind.Careful with the current. Dive for all levels.

Also known as « the canonnier du sud » , this dive is easily found on surface thanks to the isolated danger mark.In fact , this site gathers a group of small sub-marine stones that ranges from 5 meters (=16 feet) to 35 meters (115 ft).It offers a great variety of  marine fauna and flora reliefs.3 or 4 completely different dives can easily be done.Going down between La Balise and La pierre des jardins round 20m (65ft) ,you will find some pieces of amphora  a calcareous algae drop-off colonized by yellow Parazoanthus encrusting anemones (photo 1) and gorgonians (photo  3). Presence of narrow fault rocks and caves (photo 2).

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