La Grotte


La grotte : Diving conditions : sheltered from the North wind thanks to the Bec de l’aigle cliff and from a light East wind thanks to the Green Island.

Very often strong surface current. Be careful to your buoyancy control and do not touch anything ! Dive for all levels.

Also known as « canonnier du nord » , « grotte de la vierge » or « grotte à Gaby » , the cave is in fact a 10-meters-long horizontal tunnel at a 14 meters depth (photo 2).The site is large and surrounded by a great field of posidonia (photo 4).It offers a large variety of  marine fauna and flora reliefs.

Going through the cave that does not present any hazards , you can observe  red coral branches on its roof (photo 3) and different ranges of coloured sponges on its walls.A statue of Virgin Mary can be seen at its entrance (photo 1) : it had been set up by a local fisherman called G. Bérenger.The drp-off shelters conger eels , craylets (sort of small squat lobsters) , slipper lobsters…

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